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Our Vision

Our Vision

We bring together best-in-class software development practices with the world of public transit information systems, resulting in cost-efficient software without sacrificing rider experience.

We build bridges, not moats, around your data, empowering your agency to make data-driven decisions. We want our systems to enable your riders to choose transit.

Our Products

IVR and Messaging

Minimize hours spent by customer service agents on routine information calls. Our IVR allows your agency to offer an automatic telephone, text message, smart home or over-the-top messenger experience to your riders.


Our portal product is perfect for integrating into any digital signage solution of your choosing. With an unlimited-displays pricing model, you are free to deploy as many or as few displays as you'd like.


Let your riders plan trips, in the present and in the future, with your first-party trip planner. We include origin-destination data collection, and offer a module to collect feedback on service changes.

Portal To-Go

Our Portal offering also has an add-on that's fully AODA compliant, so that you can allow riders to access real time stop information on their mobile browser.


All of our products are backed by a powerful metrics engine. Our metrics engine allows agencies to make data-driven decisions effectively and efficiently.

Demand Responsive

Improve your service offering in low-ridership areas. We enable transit agencies to run demand-responsive services by offering rider-facing and operator-facing systems to match riders with vehicles.

Our Plans

We work with our transit agencies to offer a plan that's correctly sized for them. We're firm believers in micro-procurement — why pay for something your agency doesn't need?

Don't see something you need? We also offer custom software development for transit agencies.

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